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Japan Taxi


With more than 30,000 cars in 47 prefectures*, you can ride anywhere, anytime in Japan!You can also make reservations, calculate fares, and pay by NetPay (credit card, carrier payments and other online payments) through the app!*As of October 1, 2016.【Functions】<1. Call a Taxi>Just set pickup location in the map and other details such as number of cars, type of car, and payment, then wait for your order to be accepted. Estimated arrival time will be displayed so you don't have to worry while waiting.<2. Reservation>You can place an order in advance by setting the date and time you want to be picked up.Reservation process is the same as above (Call a Taxi).<3. Fare Calculation >Get an estimate of how much and how long it will take from your desired pickup location to your desired drop-off location.* Calculated fare and duration may vary from actual result.<4. Flat-Rate Airport Service>This service offers a fixed fee to get to or be picked up from any major airports in Japan.* Fixed fee varies according to the participating taxi companies around your target airport.<5. Cashless Payment>Register your credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners)*, or other online payments such as Docomo Keitai Payment, AU Easy Payment, and Yahoo! Wallet as your NetPay payment method*.By placing an order using your registered NetPay, you don't have to worry about bringing cash in Yen to pay for taxi!* As of October, 2016【Caution】・This application requires network service and GPS.・Orders placed through this app is the same as requesting a taxi by phone call. As such, a radio dispatch fee may be additionally charged. (Some taxi companies do not charge this fee.)・Please understand that there are cases that you may not be able to order a taxi due to area, weather, road condition and taxi availability.・Fare calculation depends on the calculated route done by Google Map Service. Therefore, actual route may vary. Furthermore, fare estimate does not include other fees such as toll fee, radio dispatch fee, and/or reservation fee.・Before using this service, please check participating taxi companies and service area availability through this app.・Please understand that there are cases in some taxi company that you may not be able to use some functions, such as pointing drop-off location, reservation by setting the date and time, cashless payment.